Thank you for dropping by VinLozanoImports.com. We import wines from Spain and Chile, and if you happen to enjoy flavorful, well balanced wines with loads of personality and if you also believe (as we do) that "Good wine shouldn't strip-mine your wallet," then our wines might intrigue you.

VinLozano...The Name
Our company name is based on "vin" short for "vino" which most recognize as the Spanish (and Italian) word for wine and "lozano" meaning spirited, luxuriant and exuberant. We strive to find and bring to the U.S. marketplace only those wines that embody these characteristics. We look for wines that are EXUBERANT & fruit filled, yet LUXURIANT & balanced, retaining the SPIRIT and essence of the people, their history, and their vineyards.

Spirited Wines
If you aren't terribly familiar with Spanish or Chilean wines, a wonderful surprise awaits. There is indeed life after Rioja. For many years Rioja was the standard bearer for Spanish wines. Then along came some world-class efforts from the Ribera del Duero and Priorat, and now nearly every appellation and sub-appellation has wineries (bodegas in Spain) producing fantastic wines at affordable prices. VinLozano Imports specializes in finding wines from these up-and-coming, backwater regions, some of which you might recognize, such as Rias Baixas and Toro and others like Bierzo and Cigales that might be less familiar to you. Our wines are priced in such a way that you can afford to try something new, and we hope you join us in exploring these delightful wines.
A New Generation
A family owned and run business ourselves, we at VinLozano Imports search for small to medium sized family bodegas who own their own vineyards and control everything from the vineyard to the bottle. The rapid rise in the quality of Spanish wines has a lot to do with the new generation in these family bodegas. Many of these bodegas have been in existence or have been growing grapes for decades, but it is the sons and the daughters who have forged ahead. With a clear appreciation of the past but a driving desire to move forward, these young winemakers have invested substantial money in the bodegas and the vineyards. They understand the need to produce a pure and natural product. Realizing that distinctive wine can only be made in the vineyard, the new generation is committed to smaller yields and natural growing methods. They take advantage of organic fertilizers and wild yeasts. In the cellar minimal intervention is the standard, not the exception. Gentle pressings, minimal to no chaptalization and filtration, and judicious use of oak are the norm. With access to acres and acres of beautiful old family vines and ideal growing conditions, the new vineyard keepers are turning out wines of great distinction, packed with the vibrancy of this new generation's youth and spirit.

As an importer/wholesaler VinLozano Imports cannot sell directly to the consumer. To find out if we are in your market and where you can locate our wines, please drop us an email