About VinLozano Imports

Andrew Graff, president/founder

"Born in Goshen, Indiana, I was fortunate enough to have some very adventurous parents who decided to move our family of six to the island of Anguilla (BWI) in the mid 70's, where we would spend a good portion of each year fishing, snorkeling, and doing our best to avoid the correspondence coursework our parents believed we were doing. It is also where I received my first experiences in the world of hotels and restaurants. The early tourism years in Anguilla (read no telephones, central electricity, tv etc) were not much to speak of but from Monsieur Choisit, our French tutor and owner of one of the few existing restaurants, we did learn a great deal about sautee...and varnishing tabletops.

Graduating from DePauw University in 1988 I fully intended to pursue a respectable career in financial journalism, but the relentless tug from the restaurant/hotel world was too strong and I succumbed to the calling. With previous experience in our family inn/restaurant as well as our small villa resort in Anguilla and the opening of Cap Juluca, I continued on for the next 15 years working in, managing and owning restaurants in Indiana, Michigan, Vermont, Martha's Vineyard, and Ireland.

After some long discussions with my wife and wiser half we moved our family from Martha's Vineyard in 2003. Taking advantage of contacts in Spain, my wife's fluency in the Spanish language, and my contacts in the world of wine distribution, we launched VinLozano. At last I was able to concentrate on what had become my true passion over the past twenty plus years...Wine. In 2007 we launched Charity Wines, a philonthopic division of VinLozano."
Andrew Graff, principal owner, founder and president
Heidi Graff, principal owner and vice president

     The Graff family                                               

The Company
With our offices located in Winchendon, MA and warehouse outside of Boston in Foxboro, MA, VinLozano Imports Inc. is incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Holding a federal basic permit to import beverage alcohol, we are also a licensed importer/wholesaler in Massachusetts and hold certificates of compliance in a number of other states.

Why Choose VinLozano Imports?
1.) The Wine: There is no hiding behind pretty labels or fancy bottles. We concentrate on locating small family estate wineries who are committed to natural growing methods and minimal cellar intervention, bodegas that are committed to hand harvesting, use of wild yeasts, low yields, natural viticulture, minimal chapitalization, and minimal/no filtration. The only thing that really matters is what is in the bottle, and so we let the wine speak for itself. (That being said, we are very proud of some our bodegas' labels.)

2.) Pricing: Value has always been a major component in marketing and sales, but as you know, it has become even more important over the past number of years. We look for value across the board, from our lower-end wines up through our most expensive reservas. Regardless of price point we look for wines that will equal if not surpass the quality of other wines selling for considerably more. Good wine should not strip-mine your wallet.

3.) Local Knowledge: Fine wine cannot be found by just tasting a sample and filling out a purchase order. We spend two to three months a year in Spain working with our established producers and seeking new and exciting wines. We have established wonderful relationships with our producers, and these close ties translate to better support on all levels. We also work closely with associates and friends in Spain and Chile who provide us up-to-the-minute news on new projects and developments.

5.) Sales/Marketing Support: We are cognizant of the fact that this is a collaborative effort, and we are committed to providing support through:

    retail and on-premise promotional materials
    training for point-of-sales staff as well as distributor sales reps
    web-based, downloadable sales materials (fact sheets, sell sheets, shelf talkers, etc.)
    Competitive pricing programs
    sales incentives for distributor sales reps

6.) Commitment to Integrity: See our Mission Statement below.

Our Mission Statement
It is our goal to scour the vineyards and bodegas of the world to find and import to the U.S. marketplace wines of the highest quality, which are distinctive to their origin,> embrace the aspects of our company name and which emphasize quality to price value at all price points. We are committed to achieving and surpassing every client's and producer's set of individual objectives through collaborative efforts to seek out effective means in which to meet those goals. We are determined to offer the highest standard of service to our clients and dedicated to understanding our product, marketplace and target consumer in order to give brands the energy, focus, and resources they require to thrive and grow. A family owned and operated business, we pledge to our clients, employees and to all with whom we do business the following: to always operate on the principles of honesty & integrity, to treat all individuals with respect and honor, and in doing so we will also strive to conduct business with organizations which share and embrace our philosophy.